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The Girards

Winner of the 2018 GOHBA awards custom urban multi-unit homes, this row of three luxury town homes faces the Rideau River and linear park. It replaces the home of the Girard family, who in 1938-42 built an 830 sq.ft. house and raised 13 children on the site.


The design of the project began with the careful consideration of the context and surroundings, in order to capitalize on the exceptional views and beautiful trees. Care was taken to protect a significant oak tree that grows along one side lot line by indenting the building on that side, and emphasis was given to front facing raised outdoor living spaces that afford the best views of the water and the expansive pastoral parkland.


The building is designed in a crisp contemporary style with contrasting light and dark stone, brick, cladding and window frames. Large cantilevers, prominent projecting volumes and stepping back of each unit's facade produce a dynamic and bold street facade. The variation and depth of the front of the building, together with the large 2nd floor balcony spaces, results in a building that is engaging to look at, and delightful to inhabit. The simple monochrome colour pallet contrasts well with the green context. Natural cedar soffits produce a warm and welcoming tone. The entry to the central unit is covered by a frameless glass canopy hanging from slender steel rods. Two storey circular columns at the front corners lead visitors around to the side entrances of the end units.


The interiors are flooded with natural light. In the living rooms, large windows and doors connect the indoor living space with the outdoor living space overlooking the river. Owners of these units love their homes, their living space, their balconies, their views and their location.

GOHBA Winner
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