Dan Haug Affordable Housing Study for the City of Ottawa
Townhouses on Hilson Avenue, Hampton Iona Park, Ottawa

Site Assessments

Our expertise in regulations and the approval process ensure a thorough and competitive site analysis. We analyze options for your site and advise on development potential based on existing zoning regulations and possible minor variance / rezoning requests. Our creative problem solving through architectural design meets the challenges of site development and the needs of clients. We have unique expertise in 'missing middle' typologies as well as small apartment and multi-unit residential buildings within existing urban neighbourhoods.


We offer high quality, innovative design; a marriage of your requirements and your vision. Designs are based on your ideas, your needs, and your preferences. 3D modelling is used throughout design development. Careful consideration is given to site conditions, community context, and zoning regulations. Buildings are designed to maximize development potential, while fitting elegantly into their street context, and making a bold architectural statement. Interiors are designed to be bright, to feel spacious, to be practical, and to delight.

1706 front entry perspective.jpg
Helena Street near Island Park Drive and the Queensway.
All Saints & First United Worship Space

Planning & Approvals

We have years of expertise in zoning bylaws, Ottawa’s Official Plan, and the community consultation processes to ensure success. We use cost effective 3D modelling which is highly effective in illustrating the impact of proposed developments in their immediate context, and to win approvals. We cover all aspects of the approval process including severance, minor variance, site plan approval, re-zoning, heritage approval, and the  Urban Design Review Panel.

Construction Documents

Once designs are finalized, detailed and precise construction documents are prepared for building permit submission and construction of the project. 

General Review

During construction, general review services are provided, including site visits with written reports, shop drawing review, and issuance of supplemental details and instructions.

3D Rendering

In addition to the basic 3D rendering provided as part of our design and approvals services, we provide high quality 3D renderings used for marketing images.

Worship Space Planning

Working in partnership with Dr. John W.B. Hill (Author of 'Into the Household of God' and 'Making Disciples') our office can provide a series of workshops for Christian churches to assist your community in thinking through your worship space needs. Topics would include; exploring how physical space can express and affirm who we are and enable us to live out our identity; how physical space can inhibit our ability to express or even understand who we are and can prevent us from living out our identity and our calling; components of worship space that allow a congregation to live their faith through liturgy; seasonal liturgies; baptisms, weddings and funerals; frameworks for healthy stewardship & decision making around buildings and worship spaces. Workshops would be designed to meet the needs and time lines of your community. Dr. John W.B. Hill is one of the founding members and current Chair of Liturgy Canada.