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Huron Coach House

2021 GOHBA awards winner for Alternative Enclosed Space, this small home sits on top of a double car garage on a lane way near Tunney's Pasture in Wellington Village. It was built for the grandmother of the children in the larger street-fronting home on this property.


It is a charming little building packed with comfortable bright and welcoming living space. It's traditional roof line and cladding fit well in this backyard context. The entrance is in the side, and opens into a stair leading up. A Great Room with cathedral ceiling and dramatic east facing windows provides ample space for the kitchen, dining and living; a space that is a celebration of light, with clean lines and with a cozy cottage feel. To one side of the Great Room an opening leads to the bedroom, bathroom and laundry doors. A little balcony overlooks the shared garden. Packed with closets and storage cupboards, this little dwelling covers all the bases. It proves that you can live large in a small space.

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