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Hinchey Semis

Two high quality new homes in Hintonburg, one street facing and the other toward the rear of the lot, with a shared driveway leading to rear yard parking. These homes were a 2020 GOHBA awards finalist for custom urban semi-detached homes.


Elegant new homes for urban lifestyles, with bold contemporary design and stunning living spaces. The street facing home has a flexible ground floor with secondary entrance, ideal for visitors. A stunning three storey stair with a window wall floods light into the living spaces on all floors, and provides views through to the second floor terrace. Outdoor living space is adjacent to the second floor living level, with an open concept kitchen, living and dining rooms. Generous bedrooms are light and bright.

The rear facing home is entered off the driveway, with living spaces on the ground floor, opening onto a small back garden. The entrance foyer and dining room are two storeys, opening to the second floor hallway above. These soaring spaces add interest, light, and delight. The third floor Master Suite opens onto a roof terrace, with views of the neighbourhood.

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