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Dovercourt Residence

The Dovercourt Residence is a 2022 GOHBA award finalist for exterior details. This single home in the heart of Westboro is a unique addition to the neighbourhood that utilizes contemporary design elements.


Vertical and horizontal volumes contrast each other and give the house its primary shape. These volumes are then intersected by canopies that draw the eye along the façade. The foyer stands a bold vertical element in the front façade. It is a two-storey volume that bathes the front entry in dynamic southern light throughout the day. This use of light is contrasted in the living area of the house at the rear. The living areas of the home are open to each other but offer distinct spatial experiences.


The living room features a double height ceiling with north facing windows, which gently wash the entire area in light throughout the day. The kitchen is adjacent to the living room but is distinct with a lower ceiling and a kitchen island that is grounded in the space with vertical storage. The kitchen island, like the front façade plays with levels and clean lines. It utilizes standard table height eating surfaces that intersects the counter height island. The dining room sets itself apart from the other spaces using soft, reflected light. A coffered ceiling with hidden alcove lighting, directs light upwards, creating soft indirect lighting.


This house uses volume and rhythm to create a delightful varied spatial experience.

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