Ottawa's Maturing Neighbourhoods


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What would make our Maturing neighbourhoods in Ottawa better?  Healthier? Happier? There is lots of great criteria to consider. Look to the growth criteria of New Urbanism, Smart Growth or our very own 5 Big Moves. But which of these criteria apply directly to the fabric of our maturing neighbourhoods? 

After a great deal of research and analysis I have concluded that the answer to this question is found in the dynamics of development patterns themselves.  Due to the forces shaping urban residential infill patterns, the following five criteria for healthy growth must necessarily be achieved together. These goals are interdependent and inseparable, functioning together like a healthy ecosystem.

  1. Walkable

  2. Socially engaging

  3. Diverse (both in income and household demographics)

  4. Ecologically responsible

  5. Affordable (individually & collectively)​


The application of these five goals must be location specific and based on existing neighbourhood context.

New zoning to regulate the fabric of maturing neighborhoods must meet these 5 interdependent criteria, in order to achieve existing and upcoming goals of our Official Plan.

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Patterns of development and change in maturing neigh-bourhoods are the result of three pressures:

  • regulations & fees

  • construction & developm't economics

  • real estate demand & household demographics

By carefully analyzing and understanding this dynamic we can establish regulations & fees that will produce the development patterns we desire.

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