Ottawa's Maturing Neighbourhoods



This is a collection of books and articles quoted throughout thus study that have helped to inform these new ideas for maturing neighbourhoods in Ottawa.


  • Perverse Cities; Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy, and Urban Sprawl (Pamela Blais)

  • Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change (Peter Calthorpe)

  • Cities for People (Jan Gehl)

  • Walkable City; How Downtown can Save America, One Step at a Time (Jeff Speck)

  • Walkable City Rules (Jeff Speck)

  • House Divided; How the Missing Middle Will Solve Toronto's Affordability Crisis (John Lorinc, Alex Bozikovic, Cheryll Case, and Annabel Vaughan)

  • Happy City (Charles Montgomery)

  • Great Streets (Allan Jacobs)

  • For the Love of Cities (Peter Kageyama)

  • From Walk-up to High Rise (Heritage Ottawa)

Articles & Letters:

  • Ottawa Official Plan; the Building Blocks for a Healthy Ottawa (Discussion Paper, City of Ottawa, March 2019))

  • Understanding the Forces Driving the Shelter Affordability Issue (the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis)

  • The Price We Pay to Park for Free (Donald Shoup)

  • Neighbourhood Greenspace and Health in a Large Urban Centre (Omid Kardan, Peter Gozdyra, Bratislav Misic, Faisal Moola, Lyle J. Palmer, Tomáš Paus and Marc G. Berman)

  • Greater Ottawa Home Builder's Association Westboro Infill Study dated November 22, 2019

  • Stuffed: The Decline and Fall of the American Monster Home (5 Kids 1 by Condo Adrian Crook)

  • One Planet Goals and Guidelines for Cities and Regions (One Planet Living and Bioregional, October 2017)

  • Windows Uncovered (Erica Hunt, Geez Magazine, Fall 2018)

  • Here's How to Change Canada from a Suburban to an Urban Nation (Jennifer Keesmaat, The Globe and Mail, October 31, 2016)

  • Downsizing: How to Optimize Your Living Space (Mentor Works Limited)

  • A Shift to Smaller Households Over the Past Century (Statistics Canada)

  • Evolution of Housing in Canada, 1957-2014 (Statistics Canad)

  • New Official Plan Housing (Discussion Paper, City of Ottawa, March 2019)

  • Could We Cut Cancer by 30% by Designing Our Cities Differently? (Anna Robak)

  • Is Lot Splitting a Good Way to Increase Density? (Cherise Burda and David Godley, The Star, August 6 2019)

  • New Official Plan Preliminary Policy Directions (City of Ottawa New Official Plan)

  • Zoning Bylaw R4 Review Phase 2, Discussion Paper 3, Draft Recommendations, Nov. 2019 (City of Ottawa